Monday, 4 July 2011

Day 1 - Land’s End to Fowey

So, today we started the ride. We drove to Lands End from Truro, thinking that we were going to be the only cyclists in town. How wrong could we be? There were several other groups beginning their adventure as well. After the ritual photograph session including the one by the Lands End sign post, we were off.

The first 10 miles got us to Penzance and got the nerves under control. We then rode on to Helston, (we have had our first tea stop by now) passing the heliport on the way. Helston gave us our first taste of the Cornish hill climbs. From there we cycled to Truro (funny some of this looks familiar – oh yes we stayed here last night!). Tea stop number 2 already with a lovely cup of Yorkshire tea.

Next we head through St Austell and onto Fowey. Graham J lost the maps when they blew away, but luckily retrieved them so that was ok. The afternoon session was much more challenging (ok – really, really b----y hard) but Graham R was very happy as he overtook a Harley Davidson motorbike. Shane’s on-board camera proved very successful (it was almost as hard watching again as it was cycling in the first place)

Meanwhile the support crew were also having an interesting time!! Oh the wonderful technology that is a sat nav. It took the girls down some very, very narrow roads and the Audi had a scrape from another car, but luckily, no lasting damage. They then decided to follow Charlotte’s navigation system instead, and found our next overnight stay, a Youth Hostel near Fowey, after crossing the estuary on a small car ferry.

We were informed by the staff that we have climbed some 6,000ft today. How amazing!! After a self-cooked meal, we headed off in the car for a bit of sightseeing to Charlestown and then Fowey harbour.

Now for some well-deserved sleep, although we are all staying in a room together, so no snoring allowed boys!

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