Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 0

After a long 8 hour journey, including 2 pit stops to service stations for cups of tea and food, here we are at Truro Premier Inn.

We're currently sat in the bar, sporting our Great Ormond Street t-shirts trying to chill ready for the start of the big ride tomorrow.

The two Grahams are topping up their iron levels with a pint of Guinness and Shane hasn't left the bathroom since he saw the hills on the drive down here. To be honest, all of us were slightly frightened by the size of the hills in Devon and Cornwall!

We've been welcomed extremely warmly by the Premier Inn staff. They have kindly given us free wireless access to write this blog and to our pleasant surprise they have offered us all complimentary breakfasts tomorrow morning which will give us an excellent start to the ride.

So, it's an early start in the morning and our first opportunity to test ourselves against the terrain.

Finally, a big thanks to Carpe Diem Accounting Services, who have just sponsored us £100.


  1. Hope the ride is going well, just keep pedalling! xxx