Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Final Preparations For The Big Event

So into the final week and it is all coming together nicely although, it is not quite the calm before the storm. Graham J has recovered from his calf problem and managed three training rides over last weekend but is now saddle sore. He also tried to break 2 toes in the garden while walking without shoes and these are now painful and sore but he says they won’t stop the ride.

Shane had a good workout over the weekend too with Motor Cross improving his core fitness and 2 cycling rides to help his preparation. Graham R has finished his preparation and is now on a canal holiday chilling and getting mentally prepared.

Charlotte the support driver is post exams and ready to go and the roof bars and roof box were fitted last night to her fiesta, so the car is ready too. We now have confirmation of a petrol sponsor for the support vehicle and our thanks go to Sue Papworth from Toad School Of Driving (tel 01480 831662)

We also have an agreed sponsor for the accommodation and our thanks for this go to Potential2Achieve Limited, who are inspiring performance and enabling success (tel 0844 870 9743 www.potential2achieve.co.uk)

Both sponsors will be featured on the support car throughout the event.

This week is like the week before you go on holiday for a fortnight with so many things to do both at home and for the ride. There are lots of final things to buy such as topping up the first aid kit, ensuring we have enough drinks bottles, energy bars etc and, of course, making the final arrangements for those family members staying looking after the house and the dog.

By Sunday morning it will all be done and we will be off to Cornwall for the start, feeling very nervous but excited too.

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  1. Well done for securing your sponsors and good luck for the ride