Thursday, 9 June 2011

OMG 26 Days To Go

It is now just 26 days until we will have started our challenge. At this point, we should be through the hard training and feeling quietly confident.

Well it is nothing like that in reality. The two Graham managed over 40 miles yesterday. This is a real success given where we were 3 weeks ago. Success for Graham J as he managed to sit on his new saddle that long and is not in too much pain today. Success for Graham R as it is the furthest he has been able to cycle so far due to back problems. Graham R is now trying to cycle daily while Graham J is trying to fit some riding around his regular commuter journey to London and long working days.

Shane is also working long days, trying to make sure he can get the time off for the ride. His is currently short on miles in training and needs more time on his new saddle even though he says it is quite comfortable.

All three will need a good ride this weekend to boost confidence as the thought of 11 days of continual riding (equivalent of 11 marathons) is very scary.

On the support side, the vehicle has now been serviced (all three of us did this over the weekend) and is almost fit to go, once the cycle carrier and roofbars/box are added. The support driver is studying hard for 'A' levels and will be ready to go.

Graham R has kindly rebuilt Graham J's bike after Shane resprayed it and it looks great and performs really well, so it's good bye to the old bike and on with the new. A real team effort.

Donations to the GOSH charity are slowing down and we need a new injection of Donors, so please tell all your friends, ask them to donate to help Great Ormond Street and get people to follow our progress. During the ride, we will blog every day.

Finally, if you have any tips for us, please note them in the comments box.

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