Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What A Difference A Week Makes

So last week we were feeling more confident of our ability to make the ride successfully and then a bad training ride on Thursday shattered that confidence. Graham J got really bad cramp in his calf, probably due to pushing too hard while tired and dehydrated. This has resulted in muscle damage which has meant no riding since and he is still struggling to be able to get back on the bike even for a light exercise routine. Lots of ice packs and liniment have seen improvements in the condition and he is still hopeful of making the ride.

During the same ride, Shane had problems with his bike gears as the chain came off. This has now required a re-alignment of his gear changers to cure the problem and prevent it from happening again. He has also identified the need for new tyres which will need to be bought and fitted before we go.

The good news is that Graham R is riding almost every day and building his fitness quite well. How things turn around, as 6 weeks ago he was the one who looked doubtful for the ride due to illness and injuries.

Every day now sees internet shopping packages arrive as we pull together our kit and this weekend will be spent checking the bikes and kit to ensure we are good to go.

Then there is a need to re-plan the route to make sure that we have easy to follow directions and avoid, where possible, exceptionally busy roads.

So next week will be the final weekly pre-event blog before we start the daily blogs for the actual ride. In the meantime we need another big push on donations, please help us by circulating this blog to your friends and contacts and asking them to support Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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