Wednesday, 15 June 2011


For those old enough to remember the song and cricket parody, the number of days to go before we start riding is nnnnineteen, and the amount of donations we are still seeking is nnnnineteen hundred. For those of you too young to know what this means, never mind, as Shane has discovered wisdom comes with age.

Please see what you can do to help us drive up the donations, we had a great response from the early adopters but now need the mass market to pick up the donating challenge. We will be sending reminders out next week as many people have promised donations but not quite managed to make them yet. Just Giving

The event is now fully booked so we are committed to the expense with no cancellation clauses. This includes accommodation, cars, trains and flights (to get people back after the event quickly to meet other commitments). This must work like a well run project and we cannot afford to drop back on our planned miles per day, so we will need to dig deep on some days. People who have done it before tell us day 2 will be the hardest. This is an eighty mile ride from Fowey in Cornwall to Exeter in Devon and involves some very hilly challenges around Dartmoor.

Training is getting better with all three cyclists getting miles in their legs and Graham J managed 53 miles in the saddle without too many problems on Saturday. Graham R has now fitted the hill climb gears to his bike to make those long steep hills a little easier. The Cambridgeshire gear ratios will not be any good for the South West and Cumbrian hills. Shane just needs to fit a new gear lever which has now arrived (thanks to the wonders if e-bay) and he will be ready to go too.

So now time for a bit of internet shopping, getting extra pairs of shorts, tights/leggings and jerseys for the event. It will be important to be able to keep kit washed and free from salt build up in order to avoid sores while riding, so changes of kit are critical.

Then hopefully there will be time to plan the final detail on the route and print all the maps to take us directly between our overnight stops.

There is a nervous sense of confidence in the team although most people still think were mad and most don't think we will make it. We will see and for all those doubters, why not put your money where your mouth is? Donate now and promise us a second donation if we make it. It is for a great cause and will help more children and families in distress.

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