Thursday, 2 June 2011

Training Hurts

Well we are pushing on with our training but it is getting hard. Shane has sore legs from pushing too hard and Graham R is taking it steadily as he builds up his miles and stamina. Graham J is finding that breaking in a new saddle is not a lot of fun and is suffering with saddle sores.

Shane and Graham J were riding on Sunday and for the first 25 miles Shane was getting fed up with waiting for the old man (30 years his senior) but eventually seasoned wisdom won over spirited youth and Graham J had to wait for the younger cyclist. Graham J was telling anyone who would listen the story of the tortoise and the hare. Still I guess he needs to enjoy the victory while he can, it wont happen very often.

The accommodation for each night is booked with a combination of Travelodge, Premier Inn, B&Bs and Youth Hostels. The Two Grahams are wondering how they can qualify to stay in a Youth Hostel given their age. Total cost for accommodation is £995 and we are looking for a sponsor or 2 to help cover some of that cost, so if anyone knows a company that would like to be advertised on the support vehicle and mentioned in the press when we submit articles to the news papers, please let us know.

Fund raising is going steadily but we need more help. Graham R has spent all day e-mailing companies and friends for support and we need people to recommend us on facebook and other networking sites. Feel free also to forward the link to the site to all your friends telling them what a great cause Great Ormond Street Hospital is.

Finally, we think we have found a fuel sponsor and are just finalising the details, so watch this space for an update.

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